Evolution of freshwater zooplankton

Ponds and lakes act as windows on evolution.  We study the effects of Pleistocene glaciation and more recent threats (such as permafrost melting) to freshwater ecosystems on the evolution of zooplankton. We are particularly interested in understanding zooplankton diversity and the evolutionary significance of hybridization.

Freshwater RNA virus evolution and diversity

RNA viruses are among the most abundant biotic entities on Earth. We know that some RNA viruses have jumped host species and caused disease, but we still know very little about their diversity, evolution, and basic biology in natural systems. How are the recent threats and changes to freshwater affecting RNA viruses?

Biology of nonretroviral RNA paleoviruses


Eukaryotic genomes often contain elements and even genomes that originated from non-retroviral RNA viruses such as filoviruses. We are investigating the biological significance of these endogenous elements or paleoviruses. What can paleoviruses tell us about virus-host interactions?

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